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Steve Woods

Conference Topic

Golfing Techniques


A focus on the techniques used to help Golfers, often as their last resort, before they give up the game they love and hate at the same time. Learn how to get your clients in the zone every time with a simple anchor and block release. Techniques I use every day with all levels of golfers. 60 minutes length. Millions of golfers around the world struggle with the emotional rollercoaster of their game, their sport, their religion for some.


Five or six years ago I started to meet golfers that had ‘tried’ hypnotherapy but it didn't work. They said the Hypnotherapist didn’t understand the game. At the time I had just finished working with a golfer with great results. But I had a secret….. I didn't play golf (and still don't). But I got great results. So, I took apart what I did and rebuilt it to offer others and continue to get great results every time. Today you can learn what I do and how it is delivered to get your golf clients in the zone each and every time.

My Story

I have been working in the world of helping people through Hypnosis since 2004. The last 5 years have seen a focused and specialised approach to the world of Golf. I help golfers get the enjoyment back, and be more competitive if that’s their thing. Its not just about the golf though. I currently work with a gold medal boxer, motorsport drivers, ice skaters and runners, as well. In the past, I have delivered two years of Self Hypnosis training to doctors and consultants through the British Medical Association, worked with a hospice and cancer charity on staff wellbeing and helped corporate clients provide self care for staff. I love helping people perform better in life and sharing that with others to do the same!

Steve has spoken at the Elman Conference last year and was selected to speak at the 2023 Michigan Conference and 2023 Romanian Hypnosis Summit!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  

Find me@SteveHypnosis on most platforms

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