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Pamela Robinson

Conference Topic #1

How Our Childhood Trauma, Pain and Beliefs Are Holding us back From Living Our Best Life


I will talk about how we are programmed or conditioned by the time we are ages 5 - 8. And how we reinforce it well into adult life. Which contributes to anxiety, depression, negative self talk, and addictions. All symptoms of the internalized beliefs and messaging which help us to survive. I will also take one or two volunteers from the audience through the Point of Awareness Method which can ease and even eliminate the internalized messaging and beliefs holding them back.

My Story

Pamela is an accomplished Therapist, Hypnosis Practitioner, Reiki Master and Author. These titles mean nothing with Pamela’s eye-opening life events catalyzing her unique witchy twist; embodying and infusing love into all she does. She helps people become the master of their own life. Teaching all she has learned through her lived experiences. Wanting everyone to know “we are so much more than out human stories.” Pamela has developed a simple effective hypnotic/meditative process she calls Point of Awareness Method, which help clear old outdated childhood trauma, pain, beliefs and narratives which fuels unconscious/subconscious reactions, feels and behaviours.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  

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