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Luke Michael Howard

Conference Topic #1

Energy work to transform hypnosis

How to use the Elements, Huna, Energy Psychology, Muscle testing and ancient martial arts principles to deliver dramatic shifts in clients that everything else seems to have failed.

Conference Topic #2

The Question Game

6 Questions To... Show clients how to quickly overcome intrusive thoughts Rapidly stop clients worrying about cravings Lead clients to a place where anxious thoughts about the future no longer hold them back Help people reduce suffering with chronic pain Provide an easy method for clients to help themselves.

Post Training October 16, 2023

21st Century Hypnosis Tools For Chronic Pain—1 Day   |   $305

  • What if you were able to help people shut off pain or switch off allergic responses?

  • Do you want to help people stop suffering from unnecessary pain?

  • Are you ready to show people how their mind-body system can be used to get rid of psychosomatic issues? 

  • What would it be like if you could help clients resolve chronic pain and get their life back?

Well... Unfortunately, learning how to really help people resolve chronic pain isn't as easy as just waving a magic wand. AND, whilst you might try to use direct hypnosis or rely on fixed hypnotic protocols, you may be doing the client a disservice.


Why? Because if the client still doesn't really understand the mind-body relationship (that's the true cause of pain) you could be robbing them of understanding how to make that shift for themselves.

I'm inviting you to STOP just reading that "Hypnotic pain control" script and hoping it works... And instead, let Luke Michael Howard share his NO-Nonsense strategy for resolving chronic pain and psychosomatic issues.


This is an approach he has been honing over the last 25 years as a change-worker and he finally wants to share this with you. It's NOT a script or a protocol. INSTEAD, it's about helping you REALLY understand:

  • The typical signs that indicate pain is generated by the brain.

  • How to turn off the fear response that drives chronic pain

  • How you can help clients change the typical thinking styles and identity traps often correlated with chronic pain.

  • How to help them 'really discover' that their pain is generated by the emotional-psychological life and NOT actual pathology.

  • Insights into personality patterning and the way that can turn off chronic pain.

Here's to helping rid the world of chronic pain!


Luke Michael Howard

Lukenosis Hypnosis 

PS Here are 2 interviews with actual clients that went through the process;

Carolyn (IBS)

Tina (fibromyalgia)

My Story

For close to 25 years I have helped people solve problems that people believe are unsolvable. I help people fix things they believe are unfixable. l've worked for governments and I've worked for celebrities. But I also work with those who have fallen through the cracks. Those that have nowhere else to turn. They're at their last resort. My mission is to prove that no one is beyond help. I have a particular set of skills—skills that makes me a nightmare for your problems. I was voted the #1 hypnotist in Toronto I’m 2019 by the star newspaper. I am voted As One Of The Three Best Hypnotist’s In Ottawa. I specialize in helping people rapidly overcome Addiction without AA, NA or costly Rehab centres. Remove Chronic Pain Permanently and Eradicate Anxiety in as little as 1 hour. If you have a problem that you've been told is unfixable. And you've lost all hope. Come find me. I can help you fix you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  

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