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Jeff Broomfield

Conference Topic #1

Group Past Life Regression Workshop

Step into the captivating realm of past lives with the immersive and transformative Group Regression Workshop. Led by quantum hypnotist Jeff Broomfield, this extended session offers attendees an in-depth exploration of their unique histories and spiritual growth. During this engaging workshop, participants will: Embark on a profound past life regression, unraveling hidden memories and experiences. Connect with their spiritual guide or guardian angel, receiving personalized messages and profound insights. Delve into the mysteries of future lifetimes, gaining glimpses of what lies ahead. Learn techniques to enter a light trance state, deepening their self-awareness and spiritual connection. This 2-hour workshop is designed to be conducted in-person, creating an immersive and intimate experience for participants. Attendees will gain practical tools and profound experiences to support their personal growth journey.

My Story

Jeff Broomfield is a Certified Master Hypnotist specializing in hypnotic awakenings and rapid transformational change. With over a decade of experience, Jeff has been dedicated to helping individuals tap into their inner power using hypnosis. His journey began with the development of the groundbreaking "Migraineze" program, which effectively alleviates migraines. Since then, Jeff has continuously immersed himself in the world of hypnosis, undergoing formal training and expanding his skill set. As a respected trainer of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Jeff offers dynamic and transformative workshops. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of various modalities, he combines it with a deep understanding of family systems, psychology, and the law of attraction. By skillfully incorporating conversational hypnosis and content-free techniques, Jeff provides a unique and powerful approach to facilitating personal and professional growth. Jeff's workshops are an invitation to experience hypnotic awakenings, offering profound insights and awakening events through the transformative power of hypnosis. His expertise as a quantum hypnotist adds an extra dimension to his work, allowing participants to delve into the realms of quantum consciousness and unlock their untapped potential. Join Jeff Broomfield in his workshops to gain valuable insights into rapid change techniques, create inner peace, and radiate positive transformation into the world. Discover the power of hypnosis as a catalyst for personal growth and embrace your unlimited potential.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  

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