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Mary Welp

Conference Topic #1

RISE Hypnotic Meditation is a practice that marries meditation and self-hypnosis for meaningful change in 4 steps.

My Story

Mary Welp is a CranioSacral and Hypnotherapist living in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Jim. She has been in private practice doing bodywork and hypnosis for 20 years. She has worked with a nonprofit involving returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as served on the board of LinkUp, offering assistance to those who have dealt with clergy abuse and related trauma. Mary has presented RISE Hypnotic Meditation at the NGH 2022 conference, as well as the HynoThoughts Las Vegas conference 2022. Louisville’s mental health community also welcomed her to present at Mindfest Louisville last May. Mary has also co authored The Ultimate Self Healing Guide, as well as authored RISE Hypnotic Meditation. Both publications are available on Amazon.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  

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