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Jack Cross

Conference Topic 

Neurotransmitters Unleashed: The Power of Mind and Chemistry


Uncover the profound connection between mind and chemistry in "Neurotransmitters Unleashed: The Power of Mind and Chemistry" keynote presentation. Journey through the fascinating world of neurotransmitters and explore how they shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Discover the transformative potential of hypnosis as we delve into rewiring the brain, overcoming limiting beliefs, managing stress and anxiety, igniting motivation, and fostering emotional intelligence. Join us on this captivating exploration of the mind's power and the intricate chemistry of the brain. Unleash your true potential and embrace the transformative possibilities within you.

My Story

Jack is a world-class transformational coach, international speaker and professional hypnotist. He has an immense passion for helping people overcome their limiting beliefs, self-defeating thoughts and sabotage behavioral patterns so that they can create true fulfilment in their relationships, career and lives. Jack believes everyone has a gift and purpose within them that they are here to discover and share with the world and that with the right motivation, guidance and support, they can overcome their fears and subconscious blocks in order to step into their full potential. He has empowered thousands of individuals around the world through his inspiring keynotes and facilitated countless powerful transformations through his programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching and hypnosis sessions.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.  

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